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Being a Highly Effective Marketer in a Results-Driven World

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Marketers are expected to deliver results. Marketing teams have a budget to spend, but they must show the return on investment. Whether they are tasked with driving leads, eCommerce revenue, traffic overall, etc, marketing professionals must get the most out of their time and budget.

How can you be a very effective marketer and make it look easy?

Below are 7 Top Traits of Highly Effective Marketers:

  1. Test everything.

  2. Be obsessed with understanding their target audience

  3. Execute ideas fast, but be patient with results

  4. Always be learning and trying new tools

  5. Know how to tell a story

  6. Fail fast, learn faster

  7. Invest in creating consistent content.

This list of traits can benefit any marketer regardless of level in the organization. By being smart in utilizing time in the workday, you will excel and continue to exceed expectations. At Data Bid Machine, our target customer is the person responsible for Search or Media spend. We save our customers’ hours and hours of time (that they used to spend updating keyword lists and adjusting keyword bids), so they can focus on improving and executing on their marketing strategy.

When marketers have more time to drive better results to their company, then they will reap the rewards. What can you do to cut out the manual tasks and drive more value to the strategy projects?

By allowing Data Bid Machine to manage and optimize your search campaigns, you will get many hours back in your workday. How do we do it?

  1. Our superior technology uncovers the long-tail keywords and creates separate clustered groups for each keyword term type. We constantly monitor their performance and add new keywords as search behaviors change.

  2. Our deep learning engine uses AI algorithms to adjust bids on your keywords either up or down based on competitor changes and user activity.

In researching this topic, there are other traits to consider when striving to be the best marketer. Strive to improve your skills and do your best work.

Here are additional resources:

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About Data Bid Machine
Data Bid Machine is a Deep Learning AI Technology company focused on improving Search Engine Marketing performance. The company’s technology amplifies the power of marketers’ programs by helping them substantially expand and elevate the volume of relevant, highly performant keyword optimization strategies by 10-50%

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