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Consider Google’s Call-Only Ads to Drive High Intent Business

Have you heard about Google's Call-Only ads, but aren’t certain if you should try them out? We are here to help you navigate and learn more about this different ad type.

What is a Call-Only Ad?

A Call-Only Ad only shows on mobile devices and is meant to drive phone calls versus landing page traffic to your website. These ads when clicked will dial the phone number that you have listed in your ad.

See the example below for how these would appear on a mobile phone.

What Types of Businesses should Run Call-Only Ads?

We recommend Call-Only campaigns for service-related businesses. If you have someone or a team of people available to take inbound calls, you can set the call-only ads to run during those business hours. With mobile making up the lion share of searches, individuals who are searching on Google for a business like yours can easily click the Google ad with phone number and one second later your phone is ringing. It’s brilliant!

Potential customers coming straight to you with high intent for your service is key to growing your business fast. Call-Only campaigns tend to have a higher CPC, but also drive higher intent volume because they are willing to dial your phone number.

What Results Can I Expect with Call-Only Ads?

What we’ve seen in client campaigns of Data Bid Machine:

  • Standard text ads with visitors landing on a webpage see on average a 30-35% visit to call ratio.

  • Call-only campaigns drive a much higher click to call % - with an average 80-90% click to call ratio - driving business impact at a higher clip.

Who Can Help with Call-Only Ads?

Data Bid Machine has been running Call Only ads for its clients with a lot of success! We can walk you through how to set up a call-only ad in Google Ads and optimize the performance with our back-end AI deep learning technology. Contact Us for more information!


About Data Bid Machine

Data Bid Machine is a Deep Learning AI technology company focused on improving Search Engine Marketing performance. The company’s technology amplifies the power of marketers’ programs by helping them substantially expand and elevate the volume of relevant, highly performant keyword optimization strategies by 10-50%.



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