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Discover the Power of Paid Search Managed Services

Our expert team of PPC specialists, fortified with state-of-the-art AI tools, fine-tunes every facet of your PPC campaigns. From the inception of keyword research to the composition of ad copy, bid management to performance tracking, our services encompass all.

What Can You Expect:

  1. Comprehensive Competitor Research: Uncover valuable insights to identify areas for ad copy and landing page improvements, staying ahead of the competition.

  2. Full Campaign Management: Let our expert team handle all elements of your paid search campaigns, ensuring seamless execution and optimization.

  3. Conversion Tracking Setup and Monitoring: Benefit from our assistance in setting up and monitoring conversion tracking, enabling you to measure and improve campaign performance.

  4. Precise Audience Targeting: Reach the right audience with precision through our strategic audience targeting methods, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  5. Enhanced Performance: Experience improved results and performance from your paid search campaigns as we employ advanced strategies and optimization techniques.

  6. Informative Weekly Reporting: Stay informed and track progress with our detailed weekly reports, highlighting performance trends and providing actionable insights.


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Grow your reach, drive more conversions and increase revenue potential.

Our Service Offerings

Choose from our Full-Solution Services and Self-Service tool

Digital Marketing Services



Data Bid Machine offers expert Full-Service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions. Your Google Ads PPC campaigns will start driving more business, and we'll strategize with you to scale further. 

Search Engine Optimization


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Data Bid Machine Improves your Digital Presence with Search Engine Optimization services. Increase organic rankings that will encourage new buyers and visitors to your site.

Digital Marketing Software

PPC Software


Our Self-Service PPC Management Software Intelligently scales & simplifies campaign management with actionable insights and recommendations for every marketer.

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