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Software Features

Self-Service PPC Management Software

Supercharge your marketing efforts by having our software alert you and provide recommendations for campaign improvements

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Data Bid Machine PPC Software Features

Pro Software for Pro PPC Marketers

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Metrics Overview

All your account metrics in a single view with trending and recommendations on how to improve performance

Uncover Negatives

Let us help you prevent wasted spend on search terms that are not relevant to your goals.  We'll uncover negative keywords to consider adding to your list. 

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Runaway Spenders

We'll bring to your attention keywords that are spending but not converting. We suggest reviewing these keywords regularly for low performance or pause them altogether.

Keyword Expansion

Using our AI-Powered technology, we will discover similar keywords to consider adding to your campaigns. Quickly add into most relevant ad group within seconds.

Keyword Expansion


Effortlessly analyze and optimize your Google Ads account for maximum performance. DBM Audit conducts a comprehensive audit of your account, highlighting areas of improvement and providing actionable insights to enhance your advertising campaigns.

Find Duplicates

We'll find and automatically pause Duplicates across account to eliminate conflicts and minimize wasted spend.

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DBM Platform Features.
From PPC Experts for Optimal Google Ads Campaigns

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Budget Pacer

Budget Pacer, helps you easily set and manage your spending limits, ensuring that you stay on track and achieve your advertising financial goals.

Your PPC Campaigns Will Now Perform 10x Better With Data Bid Machine.

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Our Service Offerings

Choose from our Full-Solution Services and Self-Service tool

Digital Marketing Services



Data Bid Machine offers expert Full-Service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions. Your Google Ads PPC campaigns will start driving more business, and we'll strategize with you to scale further. 

Search Engine Optimization


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Data Bid Machine Improves your Digital Presence with Search Engine Optimization services. Increase organic rankings that will encourage new buyers and visitors to your site.

Digital Marketing Software

PPC Software


Our Self-Service PPC Management Software Intelligently scales & simplifies campaign management with actionable insights and recommendations for every marketer.

Unlock Full Potential With Data Bid Machine.

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