Introducing Data Bid Machine

Intelligently scale & simplify campaign management with our industry leading tool


What you get with Data Bid Machine

Data Bid Machine is an industry leading deep learning engine to scale, optimize and increase profit.

Do more with less work with automation

Save up to 25% more time on creating search campaigns

Increase profit up 30% with automated scaling and optimization

How it works

See how we use powerful Deep Learning algorithms to improve your search campaigns on Google Ads. 

Allow Data Bid Machine to ‘listen & learn’ against current campaign structure.

Data Bid Machine then produces recommendations for both bids & keywords.

Data Bid Machine maps to and replicates relevant ad units.

Data Bid Machine executes recommendations at scale producing business impact from both a time and cost savings.


Sounds good?

Try free for 30 days!

Powerful features

You get optimized bids and keywords based on real activity of your target

You get relevant ad units your target audience wants to click

You get scalability of your campaigns

Your campaign data is kept private


Results with Data Bid Machine

50% less time to create game-changing campaigns

60% less budget to scale and optimize campaigns

80% more repetitive results

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Ideal for those responsible for paid search marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, online marketing programs, media spend, search engine marketing, PPC marketing, CPC marketing, online advertising, or search ads. 



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