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Data Bid Machine

Optimize PPC Campaigns & Grow Your Revenue

We Use Human-Centered AI to Efficiently Manage Google Ads Campaigns for B2B,  Software, Recruitment, and E-commerce Companies.  Our Experienced Digital Advertising Agency Team Members Will Become an Extension of Your Marketing or Growth Team. 

  • Increase lead generation at a lower cost per conversion

  • Utilize our data science algorithms to improve campaign performance 

  • Strategize & scale your advertising spend

  • Save time through automation of repetitive tasks  

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What Our Clients say:

"We view the Data Bid Machine team as an extension of our team. They have helped us strategize and launch campaigns in record time. We've seen excellent results in the amount of conversions that are flowing in at the right cost."

-William C. Voight, II

Mass Traffic 

Data Bid Machine-Save Time By 80%
Save 80% of your time managing campaigns
Data Bid Machine - Automatic Bid Updates
Our AI-Powered Recommendations will identify where you need to make campaign adjustments
Data Bid Machine- Increases Profit
Increase leads by 30% while reducing the Cost/Conversion with our PPC Optimization Software

Our engine reviews all of your historic performance data and make recommendations to improve.  Let us showcase how you can maximize your budget with superior results.  Get more leads faster!

What Are Benefits of Using Data Bid Machine?

How it Works

Drive More B2B Leads with Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Discover how Data Bid Machine can transform your Search Engine Marketing efforts.

Keyword Research

Identify best keywords with highest intent for your product

Landing Page Recommendations

Make suggestions on how best to optimize your page to convert at highest rate

Ad Copy Creation

Write ad copy that will drive the highest click-thru rate

Bidding Optimization

Utilize our AI Deep Learning Technology to control and adjust bids to get most from budget

Ask for Audit of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Our Service Offerings

Choose from our Full-Solution Services and Self-Service tool

Digital Marketing Services



Data Bid Machine offers expert Full-Service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions. Your Google Ads PPC campaigns will start driving more business, and we'll strategize with you to scale further. 

Search Engine Optimization


googorg seo.png

Data Bid Machine Improves your Digital Presence with Search Engine Optimization services. Increase organic rankings that will encourage new buyers and visitors to your site.

Digital Marketing Software

PPC Software


Our Self-Service PPC Management Software Intelligently scales & simplifies campaign management with actionable insights and recommendations for every marketer.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Software


Powerful Features

Data Bid Machine - Bid Optimization

Optimize bids and keywords based on real activity of your target user

Data Bid Machine - Scale & Grow Campaigns for more conversions

Scale and grow your campaigns to acquire the most conversions possible

Data Bid Machine - Ad Targeting & CPC

Uncover the most relevant ad units your target audience wants to click

Data Bid Machine - Secure & Private Data Management

Trust that your campaign data is kept private and secure

Google Ads Management Audit
Data Bid Machine's 360 Degree Approach

Structure & Bidding

  • Account Framework

  • Feature Usage

  • Ad Copy

  • Quality Score Management

  • Keywords, Match Types

  • Negatives

  • Geo-Targeting

  • Landing Pages

  • Ad Extensions

  • Active Account Management


  • Click-Through Rates

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Revenue Tracking

  • Results-Based Trends

  • Impression Share

  • Search Results

  • Display Performance

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Geo-Targeting Based Positioning

Results with Data Bid Machine

Data Bid Machine -50% Increase in long-tail Keywords

Up to 50% increase in conversions

Data Bid Machine - 60% Cost Reduction in CPC

Up to 60% reduction of cost per conversion

Data Bid Machine - Saves 80% Time in PPC Campaigns

Save 80% time managing PPC campaigns

Recent Performance Results of Data Bid Machine Client

We have optimized our clients' Google Ads accounts with superior results. Imagine what we can do for your business! 

B2B Sales Software Company


More Conversions


Increased Click Thru Rate


Reduced Cost Per Click

Optimize Your PPC Campaigns Now

Request Demo

Reach out if you'd like an audit on your current Google Ads campaigns or want more information on how Data Bid Machine can be an extension of your marketing team and help you scale your PPC ad campaigns.  We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Thank you for your demo request! A Data Bid Machine team member will get back to you within 24 hours.

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