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A leader in Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

  • PPC Campaign Management

  • Automated Bidding Software

  • SEO Improvements

  • Machine Learning & Data Science-Driven

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The Story

The idea of Data Bid Machine came to fruition when our founders realized how many marketing buyers were struggling with their SEM efforts. There were never enough people or resources to manage the campaigns. PPC campaigns were taking so many hours of updating bids and analyzing data that they realized there must be a better way!

​Data Bid Machine’s software was built using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our top data scientists created algorithms to understand the performance of PPC campaigns and adjust bids with deep learning technology.

Data Bid Machine was built to solve time management strain for marketers. No more late-night bid adjustments needed! DBM can update automatically and intelligently for you.

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Abdel Tefridj

CEO, Chief Product & Technology Officer

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Ellen Silva

General Manager



To apply human and machine intelligence to optimize every customer’s marketing funnel at scale.

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“The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error. “

- Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo

The Team

The Data Bid Machine team has a diverse group of skills, experience, and education. We represent many industries including E-commerce, B2B, Recruitment, Marketing Agency, Advertising, and much more.

​Our founders have decades of experience working with clients and building superior products. Our team members have many years of experience contributing on world-class data science, product management and development teams.

​DBM team members have created and launched superior products at these top-notch companies: HomeDepot, Airbnb, Facebook, AdRoll, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and ADP. Our agency experience spans large holding companies as well as emerging agencies: SapientRazorfish and Fathom.



Grow your reach, drive more conversions and increase revenue potential.

Our Global Offices

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Our Service Offerings

Choose from our Full-Solution Services and Self-Service tool

Digital Marketing Services



Data Bid Machine offers expert Full-Service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions. Your Google Ads PPC campaigns will start driving more business, and we'll strategize with you to scale further. 

Search Engine Optimization


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Data Bid Machine Improves your Digital Presence with Search Engine Optimization services. Increase organic rankings that will encourage new buyers and visitors to your site.

Digital Marketing Software

PPC Software


Our Self-Service PPC Management Software Intelligently scales & simplifies campaign management with actionable insights and recommendations for every marketer.

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