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Responsive Search Ads Best Practices - Create Effective Google Ads

We’ve gathered our best practices into one solid guide for beginners and advanced digital marketers who need more information about Responsive Search Ads. Writing attractive Google Ads that will encourage searchers to click to your landing page is essential to being a highly effective marketing professional in pay per click (PPC) media. You should want to create the best performing ads to drive the highest conversion rates possible.

Should I use Responsive Ads?

Yes! Google's Responsive Search Ad has multiple headlines and descriptions that Google can rotate and choose what to display using its machine learning algorithms. Google wants to match the keyword search of the user to your Google Ads copy as closely as possible. That way the user will click the ad and your website will receive the traffic.

In experience with our clients, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) work better than Expanded Text Ads. We typically see Google giving more impressions to the Responsive Ads, and they tend to have a higher click through rate and conversion since there is flexibility in the copy that is available to rotate.

What’s the Difference between Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads?

Expanded Text Ads have fewer headlines (3) and fewer description lines (2). There isn’t much variety to utilize and rotate, so if an ad isn’t enticing enough it won’t get as many opportunities or impressions from Google.

Meanwhile, Responsive Search Ads have more headlines (15) and more description lines (4) giving you an opportunity to amplify your message with different descriptors and Google will rotate for you based on the searcher’s query. Google does give you a “score” called “ad strength” for Responsive Search Ads only, so you know which ones need improvement.

Google doesn’t provide Ad Strength rating for Expanded Text Ads. Additionally, Google phased out Expanded Text Ads on June 30, 2022, so you really need to add Responsive Search Ads since you can no longer edit any existing Expanded Text Ads.

How Do I Optimize Responsive Search Ads?

We recommend a strong mix of key best practices to ensure you are getting the best results in your ad performance from Google Ads for your business. If you grab the attention of your ideal audience, you’ll see a strong and very high Click Thru Rate (CTR). If you are seeing a low CTR, you need to write more effective Google Ads copy. Also, look at your Ad Strength for each Responsive Ad. If you have a “Low” or “Good” rating, you need to work on writing better ad copy.

  1. Ensure that every ad group has at least one responsive ad to utilize.

  2. Make sure the ad strength score is “Excellent” or “Good”.

  3. Max out on the headlines (15) and descriptions (4) with different combinations of ads

  4. Use all of characters for each line - Headlines have 30 character count max and Descriptions have 90 character count max

How Do I Write a Good Responsive Search Ad?

  1. Include all keywords in different headlines and unique ad combinations of phrases and make sure there is a variety of topics

  2. Use keywords with most impressions in description (typically the ones that Google shows first in the list)

  3. Include a mix of your brand name and calls to action (i.e. Sign Up for XXX, Request Proposal, Shop Now on XXX)

  4. Make sure there is a good variety of headlines for a searcher to learn more about your offering

  5. Share benefits of your offering like “Free Returns” or “Food Package Included”

  6. Include metrics that show that you are a trusted brand like “Trusted by 1K Companies” or “4 Million Sold in 2021”

  7. Show metrics of potential outcome “Speed Up Hiring by 30%” or “Reduce Energy Costs by 15%”

  8. Use the display URL to highlight the most important topic of the ad group

How Do I Get a Higher Ad Strength?

Google allows you to see how you “score” with Responsive Search Ads by the “Ad Strength” rating. There are four levels:

  • Poor

  • Average

  • Good

  • Excellent

Aim for an “Excellent” rating. Follow the ideas shared above about writing a good responsive ad and optimization of your ads. As you make updates to the ad, Google will adjust the ad strength score real-time so you can see that the edits are improving the score. If the score isn’t changing, keep trying new options as noted in this article. Google likes a variety of phrases to be used so make headlines and descriptions as unique as possible.

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