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Data Bid Machine offers both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. 

Data Bid Machine helps you improve your paid search PPC campaigns.  Grow your reach, drive more conversions and increase revenue potential.

PPC Campaign Management & Search Engine Marketing Services

Automated Bid Management

Data Bid Machine leverages all the historical and forecast datasets to determine the value for optimizing bids for your campaigns. thereby helping you to target better keywords and minimize any waste spend.

Quality Score Management

Data Bid Machine identifies the best possibilities for enhancing your ads Quality Score and drives you for significant cost savings using intelligent Quality Score Management. A high-Quality Score, allows campaigns to increase clicks & reduce CPC than competitors.

Conversion Optimization

At Data Bid Machine we use emerging Data-technologies to create a customized strategy that is backed up by powerful analytics. For ongoing conversion optimization, we continue to use the Test & educate our model and help you in driving more conversions.

Marketplace Campaign Management

Data Bid Machine is an expert in running Paid search campaigns for marketplaces. We have powerful engines that can run campaigns for thousands of products for your marketplace.

You need not worry about any aspects of the campaign. DBM gets it all right.

Effective Ad Copy Creation

Ad copy is an important part of your campaigns to connect your brand with your audience. Data Bid Machine helps you create the most effective ad copies to drive the highest CTR to your site.

Landing Page Optimization

Data Bid Machine provides you groundbreaking recommendations and optimizations for your campaign's landing pages. We also help you to create the best landing pages as per the Google standard's for better Quality Scores and better conversions

Shopping Campaign Management

Data Bid Machine can productively help you run shopping campaigns that will boost your sales and help you reach your revenue goals with the right campaign setup and optimizations.

Keyword Research

Data Bid Machine's industry-changing keyword generator tool helps you add the best of keywords that are suitable for the campaign from multiple sources. This will enrich your campaigns and increase the conversion rate thereby reducing significant costs.

Reporting Solutions

Data Bid Machine's Report generator tool helps you generate reports for your campaigns. Connect your account, select a campaign, and generate your report for a specific period.  Reports made easy for any number of campaigns. You now need not worry about presentations use DBM for report generation.

SEO Technical Audit

Data Bid Machine will uncover technical issues with your site that need improvement. Whether it's missing meta titles, descriptions, image tags, mobile friendly pages, or any other easy to fix issues, DBM will create a full audit with recommendations on what to improve.

SEO Analysis & Optimization

Data Bid Machine identifies the best possibilities for increasing your ranks on Google SERP. By focusing on best keywords and pages to optimize, you will see improvements in rankings on search results. 

Content Ideas

Data Bid Machine's Team helps you identify relevant, engaging & trending content for your audiences to boost your SEO.  You can unlock the true potential of your site to top results that drives better marketing results.

Our Process
Audit & Discovery
Strategy & Testing
Learning & Optimization

Audit & Discovery

Welcome Aboard & Thank You for choosing us for your PPC management.

We will now discover and audit your Ad Accounts and report for the existing setup your Ad account has.  We will also provide different analyses to support and help you lay the foundation for an efficient and effective Ad account for generating best results.

Strategy & Testing

Based on the analyses we will now frame a strategy for your account and set KPIs and goals that are achievable with the application of our custom strategy and tune your account accordingly. We will also enrich your account with the best ads and set up campaigns that will accelerate results.

Learning & Optimisation

On successful setup of your account and campaigns, we now work on data-driven approaches in order to unlock the best of potentialities and optimization for your Ads account. We do this by continuously learning with our Industry changing AI-Engine that determines what works and what needs improvements for your account and make changes effectively to  deliver growth and maintain consistent results.


from the results derived from the learning and optimization phase, we scale-up your account in terms of budgets, ad copies, high-performing ad groups/ campaigns, audiences, and networks to deliver the best ROI from your Ads account and continue to deliver positive results and bring a positive impact to your business.

Monthly Subscription for SEM includes:

  • Management of current and new campaigns in Google Ads 

  • SEM Audit Review

  • Identification of top keywords

  • Assistance with conversion tracking set up and testing

  • Long-tail keyword generation

  • Clustering of keywords to themed Ad Groups

  • Ad copy writing to sync with landing page and keywords

  • Identification of Audiences to target

  • Auto-bidding based on performance & client business goals for growth

  • Recommendations for landing page

  • Ongoing monitoring and keyword generation

  • Alignment to client goals

  • Monthly business review

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SEM A La Carte:

  • SEM Audit Review

  • SEM Long tail keyword generation – up to 1K keywords

Monthly Subscription for SEO includes:

  • SEO Technical Audit

  • Analysis of Competitor sites

  • Identification of top keywords

  • Baseline keyword ranking report

  • Recommendations for website updates (header tags, meta tags, images, anchor text, etc)

  • Creation of backlinks from other sites

  • Blog and Forum commenting

  • Brand related video creation and posting

  • Site map submission to search engines

  • Business directory submissions

  • Infographic creation and submissions

  • Weekly communications on progress

SEO A La Carte:

  • SEO Technical Audit

  • Backlink Building

Ask about our discount when purchasing both SEM and SEO monthly subscriptions.

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