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PPC Management Software

PPC Management Software for Performance Marketers

Data Bid Machine has built AI-powered software that quickly identifies priority updates where you can optimize your campaigns.  Designed by performance marketers for performance marketers.

By using our PPC Management Software, you can expect to save many hours of time and see immediate improvements in your campaigns' performance.

Our software: 

  • Gives recommendations at the keyword level

  • Visualizes data in analytics and reporting dashboard 

  • Alerts you when issues arise and fixes are needed

  • Has a budget calculator tool to help pace throughout the month


See why our clients use PPC Management Software to reduce cost per conversion, increase conversion volume and optimize their paid campaigns.

Are you running Google Ads campaigns now?

Grow your reach, drive more conversions and increase revenue potential.

Improve Your Google Ads Return on Investment

  • Actionable Insights & Recommendations

  • Budget Pacing Calculator

  • Email Alerts for Issue Notifications

  • Connection to Google API for Instant Updates

DBM’s PPC Management Software will accelerate your performance results. Our technology uncovers opportunities to reduce costs and improve results. Our platform offers performance marketers:

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